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Hello there person viewing this blog!!  

My Name is Hamish Hulme-Moir  (I dare you to try and pronounce that last name :D)  and i live in the city of Auckland which is proudly located in the small, wild and often mysterious country of New Zealand. As of creating this blog i have not hit my 20's but they are just there and i can almost taste the celebrations that are on their way soon. I enjoy all manner of activities such as swimming, racing drones and, per my sworn duty, being the most annoying youngest sibling that i can be towards my older brother and sister. However, since i can remember, my heart has mostly been aimed towards the scientific method  and i can easily spend hours upon hours buried in science magazines, absorbing information like it was going out of fashion. For most of my life my attention rarely strayed from anything that wasn't science related unless i was made to.


However, 2018 marked a monumental change for me.


There I was sitting in my room bored out of my mind and i felt like my sanity was being shredded into little bits of confetti. Usually i would quell the boredom with a science book but i had read everything i owned at least 100 times, potentially even more. And so It was in this moment that a great idea sparked within my squishy grey matter; i was going to go and pick up my dads archaic (at least by modern standards) Cannon camera and go take some pictures. I had no idea what i was doing or where to start but i quickly decided that my subject was going to be the sunset and i had in mind the perfect place to frame the shot. The shot was upon a hill overlooking the water with the airbase in the background. I thought the setting was the best anyone could ever hope for and i had arrived just when the sky was a rich orange, filled with faint hues of purple-pink splattered here and there.


I took out the camera and framed the shot. The energy within me grew exponentially and i thought i was going to pop. Click! Click! and Click again! My tendons in my hands could not move my fingers fast enough as i hurriedly tried to get as many shots i could before i was encased in darkness.

When i got home i couldn't contain myself and i had to show everyone what 'masterpieces' i had manged to capture. It was at this moment in time  that my rents had a difficult choice to make. They could rip into my obviously disastrous photos and crush the the spark which had begun to burn within me or they could proclamation that these photos were the greatest that their gelatinous marbles had ever seen. 


I am thankful that they went with the later.


That spark has grown into a raging wild fire and from that day forth i have been devoting a large proportion of my energy to better my craft. This journey has been a crazy ride so far and I have been extremely fortunate, considering my young age, to have had the chance of traveling around the world which has given me the opportunity to take all manner of wild photos. These include pictures of African lions to the vast mountains in Canada.


Do not worry, you will see many of these photos in this blog and many more new photos as time go by. Just make sure you subscribe to the mailing list down below so you never miss a post ;)

If you wish to see more of my photos right now then please check out my Instagram page @_quantumphotography_  #shamelessplug.  You can be taken directly to this Instagram page if you click any of the pictures that a present on any of the posts i share on this site. 

I hope my short story has inspired some of you who don't know where to start their photography journey just to pick up a camera and go outside and get some shots. It doesn't matter if they turn out complete trash, the point is you have started and can only go up from here. 

I wish you all well, 

Until next time

~Hamish HM

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